When Your Vision Can Distract You

Modern Muse owner Tiffany Tokarz

Tiffany Tokarz is the owner/operator of Modern Muse Consulting.

The question, “Is your vision distracting you?” is so hard for me to pose as the founder and owner of Modern Muse. How could your vision ever distract you? It is especially difficult for me because Modern Muse’s guiding principle #4 is: When you cast a crystal-clear vision, the right people and situations will surface to assist you with the manifestation of your vision.

And yet there is a fine line between casting a crystal-clear vision and daydreaming. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming. In fact, there is a lot of psychological value associated with daydreaming; and yet daydreaming is not the same as casting a crystal-clear vision.

Using Strategy to Differentiate a Crystal-Clear Vision from Daydreaming

Casting a vision is not enough! It has to be crystal-clear not only to you, but also to your target market. You cannot create an effective marketing campaign without clarity. This point is why it is imperative to: (1) Condense your vision into a short statement, (2) Create a mission statement, (3) Determine your core values or guiding principles, (4) Uncover your strategic area of focus, your strategic goals and the necessary action plan(s )to manifest your vision, and (5) Act in alignment with the intent that every step you are taking is leading you to the manifestation of your vision.

You might think that you don’t have time to invest in answering all these questions. My rebuttal to you is this: You don’t have time “not” to get strategic and answer these questions. We live in a world that continues to demand more and more out of you as a professional. If you don’t invest the necessary time to work toward creating intentional results, you will miss out on all the fun of making more money and having more time to enjoy it!

This article is a guest post by Tiffany Tokarz. She holds a Masters in Leadership Development Psychology, CPBA and CPMA, and is the owner and founder of Modern Muse Consulting.

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