Digital Marketing job opportunities are immense

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Social media marketing is just one element of digital marketing (photo via flickr user mkhmarketing)

I recently shared research on tremendous job growth and income opportunities for people with digital marketing skills. Even beyond employment and income, digital marketing offers a virtually limitless arena of career paths and areas of specialization.

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs or people seeking self-employment can use digital marketing talent for such things as:

  • Managing their or business marketing
  • Starting a generalist or specialist consulting firm to work with other small businesses
  • Performing freelance digital marketing, SEO or content writing for clients

Small-business operators often need a do-everything-yourself mentality to generate income. The ability to manage a website, content marketing, SEO, social media and other facets of a digital marketing program allows a savvy entrepreneur to leave more of the $10-per-hour roles to other employees. When handled well, self-managed digital marketing provides much greater return on investment than other front line roles carried out by a business operator.

Self-employment opportunities with digital marketing are bountiful. You can start your own firm as a “digital marketing” expert, or specialize in an area like SEO, CRM or mobile marketing. Thousands of writing professionals are making primary or secondary incomes by providing quality content to direct and indirect clients. Content marketing is the name of the game in online marketing as of 2015, and companies and publishers need armies of writers to create content that builds credibility, meets SEO optimization standards and attracts an audience.

Digital Marketing for Agencies

One of the core employment paths for students in our Digital Marketing Certificate program is area marketing, digital marketing and interactive marketing firms. These companies specialize in managing ongoing or project-specific marketing activities for business clients. Talented digital marketers can find jobs in agencies that range from general digital marketing roles, to more specific positions such as social marketing marketing, content creator and PPC specialist.

Agencies may offer more stable clients and income for someone concerned about the uncertainty of self-employment. The ability to communicate and work well with creative teams are keys to success in digital agency life.

Digital Marketing for Company-Employers

Just as companies have long employed professionals in their “Marketing Department”, people with digital marketing skills can now find jobs with firms as either generalists or specialists in digital marketing. Small, medium and large corporations need people to help build out their brands and engage their audiences online, in social media and via mobile devices. Whether you have broad digital marketing skills to work as a coordinator or more specialized talents, employers desperately need people to build or maintain their digital reputation.


Regardless of the career path you prefer, digital marketing skills always lead to open doors of opportunity in the current business and marketing landscape. If you can write well, your value in any of these employment sectors or specialty areas is greatly enhanced. The good news is that you don’t have to choose your door when you decide that digital skills are for you. You just need a passion to acquire them and a belief that you can eventually use digital marketing skills in your own business, in an agency, in a corporation or in another venture that you identify.

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Neil Kokemuller

Neil Kokemuller has been a Professor of Marketing at Des Moines Area Community College since 2004. Prior to teaching, he worked as a marketing specialist and retail manager. He holds an MBA from Iowa State University

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