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Des Moines marketing agency Two Rivers Marketing

Two Rivers Marketing is among the few full-service Des Moines marketing agencies.

This fall, we launched a brand new Digital Marketing Certificate at DMACC. This certificate serves as a standalone credential, but it can also be wrapped in with a Marketing degree. To enhance the learning experience and future employment opportunities for students in this program, I included a tour of Des Moines marketing agencies in my planning process. The response and support from a number of local agencies has been tremendous!

Des Moines Digital Marketing Agency Visit Objectives

We have long recognized that a strong connection between our programs and local business and industry contacts is a huge value for our students. In fact, for us, it is a competitive advantage relative to many four-year schools. Therefore, I wanted to build or cement informal partnerships with Des Moines agencies that could share expertise with students, and potentially employ our grads. I have gotten a chance, in person or through other channels, to interact with many of the top Des Moines Marketing agencies in recent months.

For our program, primary benefits of this agency-DMACC collaboration include:

  • Expert insights and relevant application of concepts discussed in classes
  • Public relations in the local community for increased program visibility
  • Potential career connections for our students, which contributes to strong placement rates

Naturally, Des Moines marketing agencies and their leaders need to recognize the value of these collaborations as well. Here are some primary benefits for their willingness to share and get involved with DMACC Digital Marketing:

  • Altruistic value – some agencies simply care about giving back to the community (including education)
  • Credibility – Having more people in the area familiar with the agency and its qualities helps word-of-mouth
  • Career connections – Agencies need employees at various points in time, and we hope they see our program as a natural link to strong candidates

Top Des Moines Marketing Agencies Partnering with DMACC

Applying the word “partnership” informally, many of the best Des Moines marketing companies have already shared, or committed to share, time, energy and resources in support of our program. They have done so by being receptive to meetings with me, inviting me into their agencies or allocating guest speakers for our Digital Marketing courses.

Des Moines UX specialist Amanda Morrow

Amanda Morrow is a Des Moines UX freelance specialist who shared with students.

Thanks to the following companies and their leadership for supporting Des Moines marketing education:

Amanda Morrow (Freelance UX Specialist)
Happy Medium
Two Rivers Marketing

More Marketing Agency Partnerships Desired

If you are among the many top Des Moines marketing agencies that we haven’t yet collaborated with, we’d love to connect! The more agency types, sizes, cultures and perspectives we can present to our students during their learning experience, the better. We are also committed to producing elite crops of top-notch digital marketers to fill upcoming jobs with your agencies, and with other employers.

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Neil Kokemuller

Neil Kokemuller has been a Professor of Marketing at Des Moines Area Community College since 2004. Prior to teaching, he worked as a marketing specialist and retail manager. He holds an MBA from Iowa State University

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