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Digital marketing is evolving as quickly as the technology upon which it is built. Just a few years ago, digital marketing was an accessory to a company’s broader marketing scheme. As of 2015, digital marketing, which includes elements such as social medial marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization, has become the dominant factor (or even the entire process) in the promotional strategies for many businesses.

As is often the case when a system or process evolves rapidly, the supply of talented workers to manage and facilitate the system or process lags behind. This point is definitely true with digital marketing at this point. Demand for talent far exceeds supply of knowledgeable, expert digital marketers as of Feb. 2015. This scenario means that people who receive the right education and training can not only find ample job opportunities, they can find above-average pay relative to other marketing positions and careers.

Digital Marketing Demand

A recent UPC Research study purported the creation of 150,000 digital jobs is likely by 2020… and that is just in Ireland! Digital marketing placement agency Mondo reported job growth of 38 percent for digital marketers in 2014, which far outpaced growth in other marketing careers and in all careers in general. Perhaps even more impacting, if not alarming, is that 50 percent of all “marketing” jobs required technical skills as of 2014. This statistic points to the increasing use of digital technology and analytics to formulate intelligent business marketing strategies.

SEO specialist, PPC executive, content manager and user experience designers are among the most in-demand digital marketing jobs for 2015, according to the Digital Marketing Institute. However, companies are also aggressively hiring content writers, digital specialists, social media marketers, analysts and CRM managers.

Digital Marketing Career Salaries

Simple economics suggests that when you have a supply shortage, companies have to pay a premium to fill their needs. In the case of digital marketing, the limited supply of talent means that people who possess unique digital skills can fetch top salaries.

While technology officers and executives in digital marketing earn great salaries, people in entry-level or mid-level positions are cashing in quickly on their skill set. Mondo revealed a typical income range of $60,000 to $88,000 for social media marketing managers in 2014. Technical writers earned between $58,000 and $95,000. Content producers (writers) earned between $58,000 and $105,000. Digital content strategists earned a whopping $80,000 to $125,000. SEO/SEM specialists earned between $68,000 and $93,000. Digital marketing managers fetched between $73,000 and $114,000 and digital strategists made between $81,000 and $125,000.

Acquiring Digital Marketing Skills

Many people begin to acquire technical skills for digital marketing through hands-on experience. Having Facebook and Twitter accounts, writing a blog and using search engines provide some basic acumen. However, to harness the understanding and competence to turn digital tools into a marketing career, you often need formal education and training. Some colleges now offer degrees or specialized certificates. These credentialed programs offer well-rounded exposure to the mix of digital marketing tools and skills, and provide graduates with proof of education to employers. Internships or hands-on training combined with education sets someone up for a great entry-level position or the ability to apply digital marketing to small-business ownership.

Established marketing professionals may look around and see their companies or agencies becoming more and more digital. Adding a specialized certificate or training experience to a strong history of success in marketing can strengthen a marketer’s value to an employer.


Digital marketing is a fast-moving train and established and aspiring marketing professionals have little choice but to get on board. The good news is that an investment in the time and training to acquire digital talent can mean great job opportunities, career stability and tremendous pay potential.

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Neil Kokemuller

Neil Kokemuller has been a Professor of Marketing at Des Moines Area Community College since 2004. Prior to teaching, he worked as a marketing specialist and retail manager. He holds an MBA from Iowa State University

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