3 Benefits of Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character developed by a company or marketing agency to represent the prototypical customer in a target marketplace. In the last few years, companies have increasingly used buyer personas for targeted marketing strategies in lieu of more traditional, general descriptions of the market.

The following is an overview of several primary advantages of a buyer persona relative to a general marketplace description!

More Precise Target

Targeted Buyer Persona

A buyer persona allows creative marketers to think of the prospect’s traits and behaviors.

A buyer persona is much more precise and specific than a general customer overview. It creates a more narrow view of your audience when you create message and media strategies, which allows for promotions that are more relevant to the people you want to reach.

Consider this traditional description of a market: “Women, 21 to 34, who work in professional, white-collar jobs, and earn between $40,000 and $80,000 per year.” While this description offers a decent depiction of who you want to reach, this persona profile is even more pointed: “Jennifer, a 25-year-old account executive who earns $60,000 per year, is married, owns her own home, and enjoys traveling, boating and yoga.”

Personalized Communication

Closely tied to the buyer persona benefit of a more precise audience is the ability to offer more personalized communication. The term “persona” is based on the desire to better recognize the humanity of people you communicate with in marketing. It allows creative professionals to actually envision the person they are “talking to” in their message.

The more details you know about your persona profile, the greater your ability to incorporate message components that resonate. Strong resonance leads to higher levels of impact and recall when it comes time to buy.

Improved Budget Efficiency

Just as buyer personas take targeting precision to a greater level than general marketplace descriptions, they also allow you to enhance your budget efficiency. Assuming your persona profile is on par with your actual ideal customer, you can offer more impactful messages to prospects through more efficient media channels, which helps eliminate waste.

Media efficiency in marketing is driven by your ability to effectively reach a large concentration of ideal prospects, while minimizing costs of reaching people outside of your marketplace.


There are many benefits of buyer personas relative to traditional target market descriptions. These three in particular help explain why companies and agencies have prioritized such buyer profile descriptions in their marketing strategies in recent years. A more precise prospect view enables more personalized communication and budget efficiency.

We discuss benefits of buyer personas in several of our marketing courses at Des Moines Area Community College. However, this topic is of particular importance in our Customer Relationship Management class, which is a part of our Digital Marketing Certificate!

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Neil Kokemuller

Neil Kokemuller has been a Professor of Marketing at Des Moines Area Community College since 2004. Prior to teaching, he worked as a marketing specialist and retail manager. He holds an MBA from Iowa State University

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