Author: Neil Kokemuller

Targeted Buyer Persona 0

3 Benefits of Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character developed by a company or marketing agency to represent the prototypical customer in a target marketplace. In the last few years, companies have increasingly used buyer personas...

Technology for CRM 0

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Since we have a customer relationship management class in our Marketing and Digital Marketing programs, it is common that students ask, “What is CRM?” or “What is customer relationship management?” My typical quick response...

Unlocked Featured 0

2016 DMACC Fashion Show Recap

People who attended the 2015 DMACC Mixed Messages student-produced Fashion event were impressed with their experience. Those who attended the April 15th Mixed Messages: Unlocked event at West End Achitectural Salvage, an estimated total...